Post-human body ideas

I was doing some research on the post-human body and particularly on cyborg (which has always fascinated me). I noticed that the opinion that people have on cyborgs (from internet posts, movies, books, images etc…) is that a cyborg looks like this:

or this:


or this:


So I started with idea that I wanted to create something similar for my project “transforming” the two portraits into cyborgs. However, I realised that I had a quite different opinion on what is a cyborg and on how technology will change the human body.
My personal vision of the human body in the near future is that men will look more and more artificial and machines will look more and more natural till it will become impossible to distinguish what is what and who is who; a future, where people will be able to choose their hair colour, their eyes colour, their skin colour and even their physiognomy by simply adjusting their genes in the laboratory.
This is to say, that a cyborg won’t┬ánecessarily look like a robot; on the contrary, in my opinion, it will be more and more similar to humans. Therefore, instead of transforming myself and the male model into evident cyborgs, I will just make them look artificially perfect and try to transform myself into a cyborg next time ­čÖé