Readings for Inside out project

Here are some readings that I found particularly useful and inspiring:

  • Rice, C., (2004) ‘Rethinking histories of the interior’, The Journal of Architecture
  • Flusser, V., (2000) ‘Towards a Philosophy of Photography’
  • Carter, S., (2010) ‘Picturing rooms: interior photography 1870-19000, History of Photography
  • Grosz, E., (2001) ‘Architecture from the outside: essays on virtual and real space’

‘Inside out’ Project Ideas:

  1. Personality / Identity / Individuality
    –> every room, interior etc reflect one’s identity, personality and “describe” who we are depending on the decoration, objects, style etc…
  2. Consumerism / materialism / commodity
    –> the perfect lifestyle showed in magazines, Tv
    –> the perfect house, the home of our dreams
    –> mediatisation of the domestic
  3. Interior = alienation, refuge from the outside, from the world, from everything. It’s a private space
    –> concept of domestic privacy (especially nowadays with paparazzi and celebrities
  4. Virtual space vs. Reality
    –> The Sims, Theme Hospital etc
    –> where the virtual is taking over the reality, they’re mixing together
  5. Interior is both space and image of a space
    –> perception
    –> aftermath (what’s left after something happened) changes completely the way of perceiving that place
  6. Images & photographs present denotative meaning but mainly connotative meaning
    –> adverts and commercials