Online Identity Ideas

In the last few months, during my time here in Australia studying at Deakin University, I feel I have learnt so much and improve my skills in photoshop and photography in general. I have learnt more here in a couple of months than in a whole year studying at my home University.

So for my next assignment I want to keep learning doing something that I would have never thought I could do. When my photography teacher showed us in lecture GIFS and Cinemagraphs, I decided I wanted to learn how to make one.

Animated GIF:

An animated GIF file comprises a number of frames that are displayed in succession.
By default, however, an animation displays the sequence of frames only once, stopping when the last frame is displayed.


Animated GIFs perhaps come the closest to capturing the true essence of a moment—what photographic technology has often struggled to achieve since the first recorded image. NYC-based innovators Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have created a whole new style of art for digital ads in the field of fashion photography; they call them “cinemagraphs” : an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.

Here’s few examples:

The beauty of their vision lies in its simplicity. Movements are so subtle (a model’s hair blows in the wind, the gentle jostle of the subway, the flash of a passing car) as to not always be apparent at first glance, but closer scrutiny rewards you with these isolate moments of delight.
“There’s something magical about a still photograph,” Jamie explains, calling them “a captured moment in time—that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures.

This techniques is usually used in movies (romantic or action scenes); here’s an example:

Here are also an example of Tutorial on how to make a cinemagraph:

This last film scene is quite inspiring as I love the technique is been used at the end. I could do something similar for my cinemgraphs having the couple still kissing and the camera around moving.